Handwoven Icelandic Wool Rug
beautiful array of colors, contact me for more info
Soft, thick, pure luxury and eco-friendly
Frelsi Farm Icelandic wool handwoven rug on loom

Handwoven Icelandic Wool Rug

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Reward your feet with the soft comfort of our 100% Icelandic wool rugs. All our rugs are handwoven by me on Frelsi Farm Icelandics, our sheep farm in Limerick, Maine. Only safe, eco-friendly, nontoxic products are used in our rugs. No chemicals, no dyes, just beautiful natural sheep colored wool yarn with a cotton core that is woven on unbleached Swedish linen warp. 

Each rug is unique and reversible. The color combinations are chosen from the natural shades of white, brown, grey and black of our Icelandic sheep's wool. Sink your barefeet into one of these soft, thick, rugs. One of our "sheep to you" products that will beautify your home. Safe for you, your children and pets.

Custom rugs are also available, woven to your desired size and color specifications. For more information contact elaine@frelsifarmshop.com

Visit our farm site at www.frelsifarm.com to see our sheep and farm.